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.:A-MAN:. joined on 12/20/12, and is currently level 56.


Level 56

Submitted a vast amount of content to
Submitted themes users found awesome
Won a monthly contest against all the other users
Had a ton of money, then completely wasted it.


I am awesome.

I own Klub:

My Desktop:
-AMD FX-8150 (8 core)
-Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060
-60 GB SSD
-240 GB SSD
-256 GB SSD
-960 GB SSD
-16 GB RAM
-Asus Xonar DG audio card

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Check out DomComp.


So my professor cancelled class at 4:14am the day of the class.

I mean, I'll take it.
Bitcoin passed $8,000!
Got my first gold gym badge in Pokemon Go today.

So that's something I guess.
I feel so busy yet there's not THAT much to do.

Probably cuz everything is spaced out just enough that I can never relax.
@.:A-MAN:.: I donât want this site to die.
Lol, even with the Segwit consensus failure, bitcoin is back to a new all-time high (in less than a week).

For those who weren't watching it, BTC dropped down to ~$5000 for a day or so but now it's back at ~$7700.
Been like 5 months, but here's another loop:
@.:A-MAN:. Have you put together a portfolio of some of your pest CS work? I remember a friend of mine had already done one before he graduated high school. Ended up not even getting his degree since he got a decent job so fast. I've always been super jealous of him, lol.
@.:A-MAN:. Good luck with -that, hehe. I graduated back in May, myself. :-)
Ugh... picking out classes for my final semester is a huge pain because I've taken all the most relevant stuff and now I just need to hit my minimum credit count while taking as little work as possible so I can focus on my Senior Game Project.
Ya know, shouldn't @SLEDGE have the supporter badge?

Bitcoin is almost $7000!
I've actually got almost no homework atm, but still so much stuff to do...
I just did a homework assignment thinking it was due tomorrow when it's actually due Wednesday. -_-